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Comments from Meatballs Members

Here's what some of our members feel about Meatballs and what the positive effect of being part of the group has had on their lives:

"My job is to hang around with people I really care about, doing stuff that I really enjoy which makes us all really happy and brings us together and we all respect each other... I have always wanted to be a singer and I'm just happy to be a part of it. Even just having a supporting role has been amazing for my own self esteem and confidence."

- Ben

"Meatballs has given me confidence to sing and perform in public. Being a member of Meatballs is like being a part of a large family"

- Diane Walters

"Since I joined Meatballs several years ago, I have found my confidence has grown not only in singing but by being able to be in the company of others on a daily basis. Meatballs is fun, fellowship, and comfortable to be a part of it along with Honey my guide dog. Thank you Meatballs."

- Anne Morris

"I joined Meatballs 6 years ago. Meatballs has helped me build my confidence and well-being to help myself and help others with support."

- Debbie Hill

"I come to Meatballs because I enjoy it and I enjoy singing 'Perfect Day' with my friends."

- Evelyn

"Love, understanding, support, enjoyment, improvement, happiness."

- Anonymous

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